Disco file location

August 16, 2011

During my time I have created and consumed numerous web services. There are quite a few good guides out there such this MSDN article but the one thing I always forget is where to run the disco tool from to generate the WSDL and Disco aspx pages.

The funny thing is there is a few different places you can find this tool they are:

  1. In the Microsoft SDKs folder in Program files, usually in the bin folder. At the time of writing this I am using Windows Server 2008 and there are two options either v6.0A or V7.0A and in my case disco.exe is in the bin folder of V7.0A.
  2. This can also be accomplished using the Visual Studio command prompt. Simply open it and type disco and you will be asked for the appropriate options.
  3. I have also found on some servers there is also a copy at C:\windows\Microsoft .NET\Framework\Verisonx.x.x.x\ although this is not always the case. This could have been added when additional software has already been installed.

Regardless of how often I have done this I still always forget so hopefully this will help me remember but also help anyone else who is also as forgetful as me Smile

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