Passed my Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development exam (70-573)

November 24, 2011

This morning I sat and passed the Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development exam (70-573). I was very pleased to finally get around to sitting this and was happy to pass it first time.

In the end I found the exam relatively easy but I did spend a fair amount of time revising. Below is a list of some of the resources I used as revision.

As a starting point the exam details on the Microsoft learning site is a must as this provides the categories and topics that will be covered in the test. From reviewing this I able to see the areas that could be tested and quickly identify the particular topics I would need to focus on. For me this was mainly working with the ribbon, see Chris O’Brien’s blog for a variety of articles on the ribbon, and using the client object model.

One thing I found extremely useful was a series of YouTube videos called SharePoint Certification Exam prep by Ted Pattison. This gave me a very good idea of what to expect and an idea of the sort of questions that would be in the test.

Another good resource I found was the Professional SharePoint 2010 Development book by Tom Rizzo, Reza Alirezaei, Paul Swider, Scott Hillier, Jeff Fried and Kenneth Schaefer. This covers a lot of stuff that isn’t in the exam but I still found it useful as a general overview.

Finally, as always, the measure up exams were again a good starting point on the topics/questions and to help get yourself in exam mode.

As i mentioned earlier I found this exam relatively easy and think most people who have been using SharePoint 2010, or even 2007, for a while should be ok. I have been using SharePoint for a few years and while there were some questions that had code snippets I hadn’t seen before it is usually pretty easy to work out the answer by reviewing the options and ruling out what it isn’t.

Any good luck to anyone who is sitting this exam.

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