Tagging Service is not available when using hashtags in Microblog entry

One of the most interesting new features in SharePoint 2013 is the changes to My Sites and the improvements to the social features such as the newsfeed, communities, hashtags, etc. In order to get up to speed I have spent some time looking at what’s new and how we can use this to help our clients.

As part of this a test environment was configured as a playground but when I came to test the hashtag functionality, see figure 1, it gave and an error saying the tagging service was unavailable, see figure 2.


Figure 1


Figure 2

I checked all the services and everything seemed fine, so I checked all the event logs and ULS logs. I came across one error in the ULS logs, see below.

ULS Log Error

SPMicrofeedStore.UpdateFromListItem: Expected field ‘HashTags’ not found in list item, verify fieldList paramter

From my research into the new social features I knew there was a MicroFeed list which stored some of the content so my initial impression was the HashTags column may have been missing from this list, however when I checked the list I found the column was there.

After some further research I found an article which explained that the hashtags and keywords were partially stored in the Managed Metadata Service so I decided to focus my attention on this.

I had already checked the service had been created and it was associated with the web application. In addition I knew I could access it from Central Admin so I checked accessing the term store from within the site collection. While I was able to access the term store I could see the hashtags and keywords term sets were empty, see figure 3.


Figure 3

From previous experience with using the term store to generate the navigation in another project I knew that even if the Managed Metadata Service is associated with the web application and term store is accessible from within the site collection it still needs to be set as the default for the web application. I checked this by logging into Central Administration going to manage service applications and locating my Managed Metadata Service in the list. To set the service as the default you need to click on the proxy service, see figure 4, and click properties in the ribbon. This will launch a popup and the top two check boxes need to be selected, see figure 5.


Figure 4


Figure 5

As soon as I changed this the hashtag functionality started to work, see figure 6. One thing to note is you have to be careful when setting the Managed Metadata Service to be the default as if you have multiple Managed Metadata Services associated with the one web application it can cause some issues.


Figure 6

Hopefully this will help out any other people who encounter the same issue. Happy SharePointing


4 Responses to Tagging Service is not available when using hashtags in Microblog entry

  1. Josh M says:

    INteresting – any idea if it this is somehow related to why I can’t export a simple site as a template? I’m getting an error “Exporting the site field named Hashtags” even though i don’t have that field …

    Any ideas, please let me know – I’m against crazy deadlines!

  2. raymondlittle1000 says:


    I have not came across this before but i had a quick look for that message on Google and there are a few similar links out there. I have included one of these below.

    Hope this helps.



    • Josh M says:

      Thanks Ray – yup, I commented on that one as well. There aren’t too many out there – it’s pretty odd. I tried SPManager and I don’t even have a hashtag field that I can delete – or that I can find ….

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