SharePoint 2013 sever unable to save form error

January 18, 2013

I have been working with SharePoint 2013 a lot over the past few months going back to when it was still in Beta. There has been a few occasions when I have encountered an error when trying to add or edit list items on my development environment, see figure 1.


Figure 1

When I first encountered this error it was on a list which was created from a custom list definition so I double checked all the settings in Visual Studio but I couldn’t see any obvious errors. To establish if it was my custom list definition which was causing the error I created another list using the OOTB custom list definition and I noticed the same thing happened.

I had only ever encountered this issue on my development environment not on integration or production so I started thinking what was different across the environments and the most obvious thing was the number of servers. As with most cases my development environment was a standalone box whereas the integration and production environments were small to medium farms. I checked the performance of my development server and I noticed the physical memory was extremely high, see figure 2.


Figure 2

I checked the running process and I could see there were numerous noderunner process running each taking a between 100,000 and 500,000K. Anyone who has worked with SharePoint 2013 or done reading on it will know one of the main changes has been around search and the integration of Fast Search into the OOTB SharePoint search . As part of this the search now launches multiple instances of the noderunner process, see figure 3.


Figure 3

Since this was a development box I restarted the SharePoint Search Host Controller and SharePoint Server Search 15 services and after a minute or so the physical memory drop down, see figure 4. I then tested the form and it worked as expected.


Figure 4


After further testing the magic figure is the physical memory has to be under 95%. I hope this helps others who encounter an similar issue


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