Page layout not showing in create page list

March 22, 2011

One of my most recent projects was finishing off development of a public facing website built in MOSS 2007. The project had already been started, however the person involved had since left the company. Regardless of this I thought it would be a simple enough task as all I had to do was create some additional site columns, content types and page layouts.

The project was set up with the page layouts and master pages deployed via a feature and the page layouts were automatically associated with a content type. I created the additional site columns, content types and page layouts and deployed this to the development environment where everything looked ok. The site columns were in the site column list, the content types appeared in the content type list with all the correct columns and the page layouts and masterpages were in the page layouts and masterpage gallery and were associated with the correct content types. Next I added my new content types to a pages library but when i went to create a new page the only options were the page layouts that had been created previously, not even any of the out of the box options were showing. My first impressions were there was an issue with the feature so I redeployed this but this but it made no difference so next I checked the page layouts were all published and they were. At this point I was stumped as all the previous projects I had worked on I had followed the same steps but the pages had appeared in the list as soon as they were in the gallery.

I spent some time looking around on the web but couldn’t see anything until I was reading an article by Chris O’Brien Deploying master pages and page layouts as a feature and noticed someone else had added a comment saying they were having the same issue. Reading down I noticed Chris had suggested the page layouts might have been restricted via the site settings. When I checked the site sure enough under the ‘Look and Feel’ section in site settings there was an option for ‘Page Layouts and Site Templates’ and when I opened this I immediately noticed what the issue was. I would like to thank Chris for his very useful article but also for him to take the time to respond to all the comments and thus helping me out :).

I am sure to some people this will be obvious but this was the first time I had encountered restricting the page layouts available to end users so I wanted to document this in case others encounter the same issue.

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